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It’s often difficult for a child to maintain a normal oral healthcare routine. Children have difficulty maneuvering the techniques necessary for proper brushing and flossing. This can lead to them missing spots while brushing, leading to cracks and crevices in the teeth not being fully cleaned the way they should be. These unintentional oversights can lead to your child developing cavities. Thankfully, there is a preventative treatment, called dental sealants, to help protect your child’s smile during their formative years.

Dental sealants are a highly effective way to help prevent tooth decay on the biting area of the molars. During this simple procedure, sealants are applied by using a tooth-colored acrylic reason to the grooves in your child’s back teeth. This “seals” the teeth in to help prevent them from suffering decay.

Your child’s sealants will provide an extra line of defense for their teeth from plaque and lost food particles that can be missed while brushing and flossing from being stuck in their teeth.

It doesn’t take long for Dr. Denny Cho to apply a dental sealant onto your child’s molars. In a matter of minutes, your child will have a durable protection that lasts them for years to come before a reapplication is needed.

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