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Have you lost a tooth or need a replacement for a tooth causing you discomfort? Speak to Dr. Denny Cho and his dental professionals about receiving a dental implant to fix your smile. A dental implant is the first main step to getting that perfect and comfortable smile you’ve always wanted.

Your dentist will first examine if you’re a candidate for an implant depending on your oral health and if the installment will stay. They will then create an artificial tooth in the form of a dental crown (for one tooth) or bridge (for multiple teeth). This is made from ceramic or metal materials similar to the bone, made to match the color, fit, and shape of your original tooth or whatever will fit best along the rest of your teeth.

After your implant has been surgically placed, then the healing process, also known as osseointegration, takes place, letting the bone heal around the implant. Your replacement tooth can be placed either the day of or when the implant heals, depending on the type of insert. Your dentist can place a temporary tooth until the implant has healed.

With a new tooth fitted to the specifications of your mouth, you will be able to eat, chew, and speak with the comfort of a new dental implant. Speak to one of our dental professionals here at Smile Dental Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, about receiving a dental implant. Call us at 801-583-4500 today!