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At Smile Dental Studio in Salt Lake City, Utah, Dr. Denny Cho and our team offer teeth whitening treatments to restore your pearly whites to a healthy luster just in time for the social holiday season. Do you know what can cause your teeth to lose their luster? Even with a healthy daily brushing and flossing routine along with regular professional dental cleanings, your tooth enamel can dim over time. So what exactly is causing this to happen?

— Age is just one factor that affects tooth whiteness over time, but the foods you habitually eat (or drink) can affect your teeth as well.

— If you regularly enjoy tea and coffee, tomato sauce and berries, they can stain healthy teeth with repeated exposure.

— If you smoke or chew tobacco, your smile will be affected.

— If you take over-the-counter or prescription drugs like antihistamines, antipsychotics or high blood pressure medications, your smile may dim.

Dr. Denny Cho uses quality whitening agents and advanced equipment to dissolve the yellow stains that darken your tooth color. After receiving whitening treatment, you may need touch-ups every few years.

Your teeth work hard for you every day, so if your smile needs a pick-me-up for the upcoming holidays, please reach out to our practice today by calling 801-583-4500. Dr. Denny Cho and our team in Salt Lake City, Utah are happy to help you renew your smile this holiday season!