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Part of the process of your child growing up includes their 20 primary teeth being replaced by their 32 permanent teeth. When this happens, the premolars and molars in the back of the mouth can have deep pits and fissures in the tooth enamel. Should bacteria and stray food particles become trapped deep in these areas, it could harbor large cavities.

One sound preventative measure is to have your dentist, Dr. Denny Cho, apply dental sealants to the biting surfaces of the back teeth. This creates an impervious barrier along the biting surface of the teeth. Even if plaque and food particles do become trapped in the deeply textured areas, they will still be denied direct access to the healthy tooth enamel.

Dental sealants in Salt Lake City, Utah, are designed to be durable enough to resist wear from biting, chewing and twice-daily brushing. With good oral hygiene habits, you can expect them to protecting the biting surfaces of your child’s molars and premolars for many years. Regular brushing won’t damage the sealants, so encourage your child to continue to brush the area.

If you’re concerned about the long-term health of your son or daughter’s back teeth, you should call Smile Dental Studio at 801-583-4500 to ask about dental sealants.